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Awareness is increasing about the organic farming all over the world. But farmers in many countries are yet to realize about the ill effect of modern agriculture practices. Hence, the alternative methods of farming particularly the organic farming are the need of the hour. Thus, use of natural products in agriculture has assumed greater practical importance with the current thrust on environmental safety and sustainability.

Statistics make it clear that use of insecticides, fungicides, weedicides and chemical fertilizers has increased manifold over the past several years, which continues to have increasing trend even today. At the same time, the losses have increased and several new problems are now visible. The indiscriminate use of these chemicals in crop management is not a solution to sustainable agriculture but has resulted in serious damages to non-target pest, diseases, and animals including human beings, besides killing natural enemies. This even causes development of resistance amongst pests and diseases to pesticides, may cause higher residue hazards, etc. This is resulting & upsetting of balance in nature.

This has prompted scientist’s to look for a fresh approach towards crop management, nutrients management and also to safeguard the ecological balance. Thus, there is a need to use eco-friendly bio­pesticides, bio fertilizers, integrated pest management practices and integrated nutrient management technologies for doubling food production using organic techniques.

In recent years awareness has increased about the use of bio-pesticides, bio-agents, bio-fertilizers and other eco-friendly components for protecting environment and health hazards. But more focused research is required for doubling production with sustainable organic Agri-Horti Systems. Thus, technologies need to be refined, which are eco-friendly as well as suitable for increasing production and reducing health hazards.

Keeping the above in view, the International Conference on Sustainable Organic Agri-Horti Systems is proposed, where the progress of research work will be discussed in detail and roadmap will be prepared for further systematic studies/research with emphasis on environmental friendly & sustainable technologies.